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Library Services

  1. Reference Service (RS)
  2. Referral Service
  3. Current Awareness Service (CAS)
    3.1. Display of currently purchased books
    3.2. Routing of new journals.
  4. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
  5. Inter Library Loan
  6. Computer Based Information Services
    6.1 Computerized Selective Dissemination of Information
    6.2 Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
    6.3 Online Information Retrieval Services
    6.4 Internet Based Services
    6.4.1 Electronic mail service
    6.4.2 Bulletin board service
    6.4.3 ListServes
    6.4.4. Web-based services.

Facilities of the Library

  1. Book bank facility
  2. Good photocopy service
  3. Printout facilities to users at minimal cost.

Activities of the Library

The Library conducts periodically the following user-oriented activities.

  1. Orientation Programme to Fresh Students
  2. Display of Books on Important personalities and occasions
  3. Book Exhibition on New Arrivals to Library / Gifted Books.